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Risk and Insurance
Management Web Software provides you with a cost effective and scalable cloud based platform to help manage your risk, incidents, claims, insurance policies, property and loss control.

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Video is a scalable Risk and Insurance Management System that enables you to manage your risk and insurances via a cloud and subscription platform.

It provides immediate reporting for all your risks, including heat map, location (Map) based profiling, documents, insurance programme and claims management. Larger organisations and Insurance Agents / Brokers can provide solutions for wide access as well as own data control using your own database servers if desired. Alternatively you can use the built in SQL database housed on our own secure dedictated servers.


The modules have been developed by people who work in the Risk and Insurance fields.

Risksite enables a functional World map to display your global locations along with key values and the risk profile. The main page provides a dashboard that gives you an immediate overiew of the current position and a heat map is also provided that is readily recognised as a key information tool for risk professionals and management.


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Property Profiling and Maps

Map based location and profiling that enables a quick reference to values, revenue etc. globally

Claims & Incident Management

Full Claims and Incident Management along with reporting.

Risk Management

Manage operational risks including heat map for quick reference to understand impact and likelihood.

Insurance Management

Insurance policy management to provide an understanding of insurance protection in place including spend, limits, cover afforded and retentions.


  • What modules are included?

    Risk including Heat Map, Incident Management, Project Management, Location values incl. Map and Insurance. All include standard reports and the ability to download to Excel, Word or Pdf.

  • Can I have customised reports?

    For an additional cost you can have customised reports based on your specific field requirements as well as included images and logos etc. Contact us to discuss.

  • Do you offer Dedicated Web Hosting?

    We also offer dedicated Web hosting to your own website using the engine. A separate site is configured as a subsite. ie. Contact us for pricing.

  • What security is used? uses the latest SSL security as well as dedicated Microsoft SQL databases for your protection and security of data. Data is Cloud cohosted in the USA and Australia.

  • What reporting is available?

    All modues include standard reports and we are able to specifically design reports to your specifications which are available at an additional cost.

  • Do you have solutions for Advisors, Agents or Brokers?

    Yes. Contact us so we can design a solution that enables you to provide your own badged solution for clients that includes the ability for you to provide them with access and manage on their behalf.

  • How long do I have to sign up for?

    You can sign up for as little as 1 month on both Plans.

  • Can I delete all my data and files if I decide to leave?

    Yes. You can simply advise us that you wish to have all your data and documents erased from our systems and we will arrange as soon as practicable.

  • Where are you based?

    Our co-located servers are based in the USA and Australia with support staff located in Australia and the Philippines